Customers’ Comments and Testimonials

Solar panels for customer
Solene "Aurora" flat plate solar panels to heat domestic water and 2000 sq. ft. of Viega Climate Panel radiant floor.

Customer Comments and Testimonials

   These are just a few of the glowing testimonials and comments we are so grateful to receive from our customers. 

Gary was terrific, he was very knowledgeable and he was very neat and cleaned up after himself, I would recommend him and definitely use him again by Christine from SEBASTOPOL, CA

It is not often you find people you can trust implicitly, let alone contractors. But Gary beats the odds. He's honest, fair and clever in his approach to his clients and his work. Don't let his slightly eccentric mix of formality and informality bother you. He's just so enthusiastic to get you what you want that he comes across a bit out of the ordinary. But in my opinion that's a plus. He built an elegant solar DHW system for me that works beautifully. I have recommended him to a friend for which he has done work. I would not hesitate to do that again.
Jim S.

I am remiss in not posting this sooner. I had a half finished property with pex tubing sticking up through the slab and no plans. Gary is the consummate problem solver. We discovered that the tubing leaked in several places. He fixed it. Drain pipes were stubbed up at a 20 degree angle instead of plumb. He fixed it. In one case, jacking out a 5 gal bucket of concrete then using a torch to soften and bend the ABS. He saved my bacon on this job. Oh yeah, he's a damn fine painter also. Showed me how to mask grout so that paint is not sucked in to spoil the job. Did I mention that he installed the boiler, controls and circulation pump to complete the system? Working as spec'd after two years. Gary most likely doesn't know everything..but he knows who to call and where to find the answers. He just flat out enjoys his work, even more if there's a challenge. Punctual, courteous, and stands behind his'll have a positive experience with Gary Sullivan on your job.

I oversee maintenance for a community of 13 homes. We keep calling Gary back because he always has a solution for the most complex problems. I trust him to do a good job for an honest price.
J. Linney Santa Rosa CA.– August 15, 2011

I have had Gary into my home doing different kinds of work recently, and each time he has done a fine job, cleaned up after himself and all at a very reasonable price.
He's a very pleasant man as well, making my experience with him all that more enjoyable.Sonya, Fremont, CA.
I'm an older iron-worker with a firm set of work ethics, handed down from my parents.
I was pleasantly surprised by Gary's attitude regarding old world craftsmanship and values. He was quite adept and did very good work.
I strongly recommend him.Victor, Inverness, CA.

Hi Gary-
I'd like to say that the two times you worked in my home I was ALWAYS satisfied with the job and the cost. Most of all you explained things and did a thorough  job as well. Your pricing was very economical too.
Nancy H.
   We were very happy with Gary's work performed at our home.  Gary is reliable, friendly and most informative about the project at hand.  He aims to please and makes sure the customer is completely satisfied with final results.
Patrick F., Woodacre, CA

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  1. We had an odd install situation for a solar hot water heater and backup tankless, that took some skills to figure out the best approach. If you email Gary he responds in just a few minutes. Worked with me to figure out the best system and approach. Very respectful of the property and kept a clean work area every day. Finished within the time estimate and exactly on the budget. Took care of permits and responds quickly to any little issue. Only thing I don’t know is if the solar works…NO SUN! Hope the sun comes out soon.
    Best Wishes, Joel,,

  2. We called Gary the owner who came up the same day and gave us an estimate. We have a 35 year old solar hot water system that was is need of a new 80 gallon holding tank. Gary the owner not only replaced the old tank but he replaced several pieces of plumbing and was able to trouble shoot the system which was not operating correctly. The system went from heating up the water from 120 degrees to over 170 degrees. The system is working great and all work was done professionally and in a very timely matter. Great company great owner would recommend him to anyone. Thank You Mike & Shelly Steen

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