Sun Fire Plumbing's Story

 Sun Fire Plumbing's Story

Sun Fire Plumbing is Sonoma County's premier, locally owned plumbing, solar thermal heating and radiant floor business since 2011.  Our customers know they can rely on us for informed, plumbing service technicians and quality work.  Leaky faucet? Need a new water heater?  Or maybe you want to remodel your bathroom or kitchen.  Call us for all of those projects.  If you would like to lower your energy bills, talk to us about switching to solar for your water.  Longing to experience the comfort and energy savings of radiant heating systems?  We are available to answer your questions.

  We are proud to say we are the authorized representative for Heliodyne, Apricus and UMA Solar, the foremost suppliers in the solar hot water industry.

A boiler installation for radiant floor from Sun Fire Plumbing

About the owner, Gary Sullivan

As the owner of Sun Fire Plumbing, it's my desire to be there for my neighbors, helping them with their plumbing  and solar needs.  Because my roots are in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, experiencing nature at its most grandeur, I have a passion for protecting our planet.     In addition, I try to educate people about the environmental benefits of solar and grey water systems, whenever possible.

  I started my plumbing career living in Denver in 1972. Since then I have dedicated the last forty three years to the service of my neighbors.  This I do through ensuring they have toilets, bathtubs and hot water for sanitation.   We also provide radiant heating for comfort.   It is my goal to provide plumbing and heating systems that are all in good working order and safe for everyone.

 In 1973, I began my apprenticeship, after moving to San Francisco.  While living there I received my training in a wide variety of residential and commercial systems.   I also trained in new construction to service and repair of older systems. Owning my own business became a reality for me in 1981 when I opened Custom Solar and Plumbing in Marin County.  To this day, I continue to work in the consultation, design and installation of sustainable and renewable energy efficient plumbing.  Furthermore, we also provide solar thermal and radiant heating and cooling systems.

Solar collectors installed by Sun Fire Plumbing