High Tech Comes to Plumbing

High tech plumbing is here to stay. When one thinks of plumbing one does not normally think of high tech, but technological advancements are playing an important role in plumbing. Whether it's our home's impact on the environment or making our home more efficient and comfortable, high tech has come to our home's plumbing.

As more and more millennials get into the home market they are driving the tech trend not only making their homes smarter, but increasing the value as well.

We've all heard about smart refrigerators that sync your shopping list with your smartphone when you run low on something.  Or on-demand water heaters.  But now bathrooms are getting into the technology trend as well.

High Tech in the Bathroom

Smart toilets equipped with LED lights will light up at night so you can see in them in the dark. With a wave of your hand your toilet will flush and close the lid soundlessly. Bathroom sinks are also using LED lights to glow red or blue to indicate water temperature. Wireless technology allows users to stream music in their shower as well as control water pressure and lighting. Touchless plumbing fixtures not only prevent the spreading of germs they also prevent water waste. In addition, sensors are being installed in our home's faucets that will restrict water-flow when needed to prevent water waste.

high tech faucethigh tech faucetOutside the house


Outside of the home, sprinkler systems can be attached to controllers that can download up to seven days of weather reports to schedule waterings based on the reports. This is an example of green systems that are good for the wallet, as well as your home's green footprint through less water waste.


In the Kitchen


Refrigerators are not the only appliance in the kitchen that utilize technology. Dishwashers also use technology for greater efficiency, but some washers also save rinse water from the final rinse for the next wash cycle. This can save the user hundreds of gallons of water every year. Connecting the washer to NEST allows you to control when the dishes are washed without being home to turn it on. Smart dishwashers can determine how big a load they have so they can adjust the water temperature and wash-cycle accordingly.  This results in saving up to 25% in power usage. They can even tell you when it's time to order dishwashing pods and if your rinsing agent is low.




More and more people are installing greywater systems in their homes in which relatively clean water  is used for toilet flushing.  Greywater can also be used for watering lawns with sprinkler systems.  This water comes from rinse cycles from washing machines and dishwashers.  Instead of just running down your shower or sink's drain that water can be used to water thirsty plants.   Although this water, which cannot be used for cooking or drinking, contains few pathogens needing very little treatment unlike black water which comes from toilet flushing. These systems can reduce usage of up to 280 gallons of water a year. Gray water systems range in price from $500 - $2,000 on average.  Grey water systems are becoming more popular as more and more areas experience droughts and water shortages.  As the technology advances these systems will be installed as standard features in more and more homes.

Smart technology is making our homes more energy efficient, saving us money, improving our home's carbon footprint while increasing its value.

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