At Sun Fire Plumbing we believe that the stewardship of our planet is a community effort.  It is with pleasure we are providing a list of resources and links for our visitors to help with their efforts towards water and energy conservation.

Golden gate bridge fog resources

Water Conservation

Fog Catchers, are the next step in water conservation for coastal communities in California.   This is possibly the next BIG step for bringing water to drought struck cities like San Francisco.

DIY fog catchers are a new sustainable way to collect water for watering your gardens in times of low rainfall. Imagine if all those close to the coast or any area where there is sufficient air moisture could get their water needs met from fog. And both businesses and individuals are candidates for this amazing resource.

Fog catches are fairly easy to make.  And they offer a great alternative source of water that can be used to supplement the water needed for landscaping.  As a result, this is not only good for the environment, but it can save you money as well.

Fog Catchers and How to Make Your Own

Redwood trees are nature's inspiration to technological advancements in using fog catchers to harvest water for use for agriculture and drinking water.   Fog Quest is an international organization based out of Canada that works with rural communities in developing countries who lack clean water.  Through innovative approaches such as fog catchers and rainwater catchment systems they are able to provide these communities with clean water.

sun with wave energy


Innovations in Solar Energy    

A great resource for the latest news and innovations in Solar energy is the Solar Action Alliance. This website includes articles, graphs with site specific infographics and blogs. They even have a handy state by state guide to solar energy.

The Department of Energy is making "going solar" more accessible to everyone through their user friendly website.  As we strive to become more energy efficient using more sustainable and clean energy sources, the solar energy industry is seeing tremendous growth.  Their website provides valuable information and links addressing the future of solar energy in this country

More Information about Solar Energy

Questions about solar energy?  Here are 40 interesting facts on the Conserve Energy Future website that hopefully will answer all your questions.  Furthermore, PG&E offers some great information about Solar thermal energy for heating your water.